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Black Friday

How To Prepare Your Business For Black Friday

With holiday shopping madness well underway, it’s crunch time for preparing stores for the customer boom. Don’t fret – there are simple and easy solutions to ensure safe shopping especially on Black Friday. When someone mentions ‘Black Friday’, it’s likely to conjure up some pretty startling imagery. Crowds of people anxiously lining up at dawn, …

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The Thermoforming Option

When Is Thermoforming A Good Option?

Practical considerations when choosing Thermoforming. ther·​mo·​form | \ ˈthər-mə-ˌfȯrm From Ancient Greek ‘θερμός’ (thermós, “warm, hot”). Greek ‘morphe’ (“form, beauty, outward appearance”). The process of changing from one form to another is nothing new. In Medieval times, the alchemists tried to turn base metals into gold. The Greeks created myths of deities who morphed from …

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ThermoPro was founded in 1992. We have provided thermoformed parts in office products, recreational vehicles, medical devices, scientific instruments, home products, kiosks and retail displays, and transportation.


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