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ThermoPro has served customers in industries such as office products, recreational vehicles, medical devices, scientific instruments, fitness equipment, home products, kiosks and retail displays, and transportation.

We specialize in highly cosmetic parts, with exacting specifications. We offer a variety of services: vacuum forming, pressure forming, routing, assembly, drape forming, fabrication and bonding. We manufacture thermoformed plastic parts using PETG, ABS alloys, Polyethylene, Styrene, Polycarbonate, TPO and other engineered plastics.

Thermopro has 3 station Rotary Pressure and Vacuum Forming equipment, 3 and 5 axis routers, and various other support equipment. Our 52,000 square ft., clean, well-organized facility is located in the metro Atlanta area. Thermopro has been manufacturing since 1998.

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Innovative. Creative. Capable.

  • Consistently high quality custom made products
  • Superior service, with on time delivery
  • Experience with a multitude of plastics, including ABS, polystyrene, polythylene, polypropylene, TPO, polycarbonate, acrylic, PETG and others
  • Experience in running highly cosmetic and clear plastics

Meet the ThermoPro Team

We are a team of highly qualified professionals, dedicated to providing custom high quality thermoforming solutions, with competitive prices and unsurpassed customer service. Please contact us with requests for information or for a custom quote.

Greg Weigle
CEO / President

Greg Weigle has been the CEO & President of ThermoPro since June 30th, 2017. He has been involved with the company since 2003 as an outsourced CFO. Greg brings...

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Michael Gould
Vice President / Sales and Marketing

Michael Gould co-founded Thermopro in 1992, and is in charge of Sales and Marketing. He has a B.S. from Cornell University and a J.D. from Emory Law School. After...

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Lynn Carroway
Senior Engineer

Lynn Carroway has been in the plastics industry since 1992 and is an expert in all aspects of thermoforming. Lynn will walk your project through the process from quoting.

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Mike Sinnette
Technical Director

Mike Sinnette has been involved in manufacturing for over 25 years and with Thermopro since 1998. As Technical Director, he is responsible for manufacturing. Mike’s com

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