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Assembly and Fabrication

Go beyond thermoforming with our comprehensive secondary operations. At ThermoPro, we don’t just create thermoformed plastic parts – we bring your vision to life. Our in-house assembly and fabrication services seamlessly integrate with our plastics thermoforming. We offer:

    • Plastic Fabrication: Whether you require drilling, heat bending, solvent bonding, or other fabrication techniques, we have the equipment and skills to handle it.
    • Assembly: Our team can securely integrate various components into your thermoformed parts, saving you time and resources.
    • Customization Freedom: We can incorporate a wide range of attachment features, hardware, and components directly into your thermoformed parts. This allows for greater design flexibility and eliminates the need for separate assembly steps.
    • Superior Aesthetics & Strength: Our innovative UV-cured adhesive delivers crystal-clear bonds with exceptional strength, ensuring a visually flawless and highly durable finished product.
  • Convenience and Expertise: We have been proudly serving the metro-atlanta region since 1998. Our team will assist you in one-on-one design consultation and determining which secondary operations are best suited to your project’s needs.

By combining assembly and fabrication with the thermoforming cycle, you eliminate the need for additional handling and external vendors, leading to significant cost reductions – minimizing lead times and keeping your project on track.

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ThermoPro was founded in 1992. We have provided thermoformed parts in office products, recreational vehicles, medical devices, scientific instruments, home products, kiosks and retail displays, and transportation.


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