Innovative Thermoforming Solutions

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming produces parts that are dimensionally stable on one side with high quality esthetics on the other (material) side. Vacuum forming provides an economical solution from low to high volumes.

Pressure Forming

Pressure forming produces parts similar to an injection molded finish at a fraction of the tooling cost and lead time. This technique can provide parts with sharp detail. A wide variety of mold textures are available. Pressure forming can create multiple textures on the same part.

Drape Forming

Drape forming produces parts that are optically clear with low cost tooling. Gradual shapes and curves are best for this technique. Drape forming offers more even material distribution than other techniques.

3 and 5 Axis Trimming

3 axis and 5 axis CNC routers can hold very tight tolerances for parts up to 10’X 10’. In certain cases manual trimming operations, hand and table routing, can be performed in cycle to save cost.

Assembly and Fabrication

We offer a variety of secondary operations including assembly and fabrication. This can often result in savings since it can be achieved during cycle times. We can add attachment features, hardware, and components. Our innovative UV cured adhesive offers an optically clear joint with outstanding bond strength.

Printing and Painting

Thermopro also offers painting, screen printing, pad printing, and digital printing to add the final touch to your project.

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