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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming is a type of thermoforming, where a plastic sheet is heated to its forming temperature, placed onto a single-surface mold, and pulled to the mold by vacuum tubes. This process is great for projects like utility vehicle parts, display racks, medical equipment shells, even drone bodies.

Our most frequently used thermoplastic in this process is ABS. It can be formed into almost any shape around a wooden temporary mold or a cast-aluminium permanent mold.

Vacuum forming is also appropriate for transparent plastics such as acrylic, PETG, and Polycarbonate. These are widely used in aerospace parts such as windshields, canopy covers, or sensor and camera housing.

AVT 3-Station Rotary Thermoformer
Vacuum Formed ATV Roof
Vacuum Formed Medical Cover
Vacuum Formed Industrial Component
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ThermoPro was founded in 1992. We have provided thermoformed parts in office products, recreational vehicles, medical devices, scientific instruments, home products, kiosks and retail displays, and transportation.


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