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Keeping Halloween Spooky and Safe this Season

Keeping Halloween Spooky and Safe this Season

It’s time for good ole-fashioned family fun. With doors being open to trick or treating this year, do you still have a spooky feeling about getting out there? Well, ThermoPro has you covered.

For families fully vaccinated against covid-19, the risk of being exposed to the virus during Halloween activities may not be as scary as last year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) issued some guidelines for celebrating the holidays safely.

As Covid, especially the Delta variant, continues to be a worry, it is still important to keep trick-or-treating and other Halloween activities safe and secure. That can be said double if you or your young ones are not eligible for the vaccine. Luckily trick-or-treating is an outside event.

A Few Halloween Night Safety Tips

Small Groups

When taking your kids around your community, stick to smaller groups. The virus is much less likely to spread in outside areas than confined within a home or building.

Safe Distance

Keeping a safe distance from others outside your household or close friends is another good way to reduce risks. Inform your children to not cluster at doorsteps and avoid the candy crowd. Let others go up to grab candy while waiting for your turn. Kindness is always wonderful to share during any holiday season.

Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hand sanitizer close. Sanitize before and after grabbing a handful of treats. You can even, stock up on hand sanitizer and give it away as a Halloween offering.

You can also set a pump of hand sanitizer on a table by the door to encourage children and adults t to keep their hands clean. Place a halloween sign near the pump welcoming guests to “get slimed, and stay spooky clean.”

Passing Out Candy

If you plan on passing out candy, maybe set up a table and chairs outside with a warm blanket to distribute your candy. You can even take it a step further and line up individual pre packaged goodies on a table for kids to take. This can prevent children from clustering at your doorstep. Non-editable treats are also a great option, especially for any kids that could have food allergies.

Light It Up

If your kids are going to be outside after dark, look for a way to keep them lit so passing cars and other trick-or-treaters can see them. A glow stick or reflective tape on their costume is always a wonderful way to keep them in sight. You can even incorporate it into their Halloween costume.

Pre-Halloween Activities

Pumpkin Carving

Leading up to Halloween, there are always exciting things to do at home with close family and friends to start building up excitement.

Pumpkin Carving: have the kids dress up and get close ones together to carve pumpkins. If you are worried about sharp objects, try pumpkin carving “cookie cutting tools” to keep fingers safe.

Costume Movie Night: Have people over to watch an outdoor scary movie. Come dress as your favorite movie characters. Here is a quick reference list with kid safe flicks for Halloween.

Halloween Finger Foods: At any gathering, come up with creative ways to think about your food. If you plan on hosting a gathering, spice up your dishes with something spooky. Delish has some wonderful ideas that will make all your attendees smile. Also, don’t forget that toasted pumpkin seeds are always a hit as a side dish.

Fireside Ghost Stories: With the weather getting cooler, set up a fireside gathering so your friends can keep warm. You can even create “scary skewers” to go along with your ghostly s’mores.

With other festivities, there are always outdoor parades, parties and attractions that are considerably safer than indoor public events. Rather than a haunted house, maybe look for a local forest or corn maze. Find programs online that focus on safe ways to have fun such as your local zoo, parks, or outdoor event spaces. Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are always a good solid option.

For indoor events, find safe locations including school festivities that work to keep people safe by requiring individuals to wear face masks. This is always important regardless of the virus statistics or vaccine status.


If you are planning on participating in any Halloween activity, the ThermoPro team always wants you to be safe…so please mask up. But make it fun. If you feel creative, why not make your mask a part of your costume?

Did you know our very own Joe Ketterer, Marketing Manager of ThermoPro, is an artist? He has taken the time to show us some creative ways to show off various fun Halloween faces for this season. Using our face shields, he created some signature Halloween creatures.

Creative PPE Creative PPE

Joe says, “you can be extravagant and draw a scary face, or you can keep it simple and paste fake leaves or splatter fake blood on them. So many characters, so many possibilities.”

As always, be safe out there! Wear a mask if you can’t social distance. It’s the perfect season to wear mask indoors or outdoors. Making the mask a part of your costume will also assist with a sense of safety while giving everyone a sense of normality this Halloween season.

Overall, no matter what you are getting into this Halloween season, our team at ThermoPro wants you to have a safe and exciting holiday.

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