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How to Calculate the Manufacturing Cost of a Plastic Product

Determining manufacturing cost and overall pricing is always an important step when developing and producing a new product. Aside from obvious costs like material, labor, and overhead, other factors like supply, tooling, and mold design must be included. It’s important to keep in mind that heavy gauge, thermoformed parts can be difficult and costly to

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Thermoforming Applications

Thermoforming Applications and Industry Uses

Thermoforming has become an integral part of modern manufacturing. Almost any industry that produces goods will use thermoforming in some fashion. Because of the variety of techniques (Vacuum Forming, Drape Forming and Pressure Forming) and wide breadth of strong, versatile materials, thermoforming manufacturers are able to serve many different industries, often with reduced costs. While

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ThermoPro was founded in 1992. We have provided thermoformed parts in office products, recreational vehicles, medical devices, scientific instruments, home products, kiosks and retail displays, and transportation.


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