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ABS is a good general purpose thermoplastic. It has good impact strength, a low CLTE, and is easy to bond. A Weather resistant cap can be coextruded onto ABS for outdoor applications.


Polyethylene has very good impact strength and stress crack resistance. It is also resistant to many chemicals. Polyethylene has a high CLTE and this must be taken into account in the design stage. UV additives can be added to the resin to make Polyethylene suitable for outdoor use.


TPO is a highly engineered material that offers very high impact strength even at low temperatures with a low CLTE. TPO is also very chemically resistant. TPO is the go-to material for many automotive, agricultural, and industrial applications.


PETG is usually clear and has high stiffness and good impact resistance. It is typically used to produce displays and signs.


PVC/Acrylic is a fire resistant material that is used in applications such as aircraft interiors and electronic enclosures. PVC/Acrylic meets UL94-V0 and many other regulations regarding burn.


Polystyrene is a relatively inexpensive material that is used in appliance liners, signage, and other low impact applications. Polystyrene can be capped with a UV resistant material for outdoor use.


Polycarbonate has tremendous high impact strength, even at low temperatures. The heat deflection temperature of polycarbonate is very high and the CLTE is relatively low. Polycarbonate is a good choice for demanding applications. Some grades of Polycarbonate are transparent and work well for shielding applications.

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